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At CityDanse Academy, we embrace the world of creativity and imagination. We fulfill dreams take center stage and stories come to life. We invite you to join us on a mesmerizing journey behind the curtains, where passion meets performance, and artistry knows no bounds.

Beyond the stage, we are deeply committed to enriching our community through the arts. We conduct various classes, training and workshops which aims to nurture the next generation of performers and instill a love for theatre in young hearts. We believe in the transformative power of arts education and its ability to shape confident, creative, and empathetic individuals.

We welcome enthusiasts, artists, and theatre lovers to be a part of our journey. Whether you're an aspiring artist, skilled professional or simply someone who appreciates the arts, there's a place for you in our community. Reach out to us, attend our events, and witness the transformative power of live performances.

In the realm of arts and theatre, there are no spectators – only participants in the enchanting dance between the performers and the audience. Join us as we continue to share our stories, one captivating act at a time.
Dualities of Swan Lake: Odette, the embodiment of purity and grace, meets her dark counterpart, Odile, the seductive enchantress. A timeless tale of love, deception, and the eternal struggle between light and darkness.
Swan Lake, an Enchanted Moment
Witness a captivating fusion of artistry and emotion, leaving you spellbound and transported to a realm of enchantment.
The Nutcracker and a Wonderful Christmas Experience!
Step into the magical realm of 'The Nutcracker' and embark on a heartwarming journey to a land of dreams and holiday enchantment. Experience the wonder of the season as Clara's adventures come to life on stage, accompanied by Tchaikovsky's timeless score.
Coppelia and Other Dances
Coppélia: Where imagination knows no bounds and the heart dances to the rhythm of love. Experience the timeless charm of this classic ballet as love, laughter, and life-sized dolls come to life on stage.
Wishing you a boo-tiful Halloween filled with treats and magical feats!
Embracing New Beginnings!
After all the adventures, it feels incredibly heartwarming to be where our hearts belong.

Press Releases

CityDanse Academy raises curtain for Swan Lake

Prepare to be transported into the enchanting realm of classical ballet and symphonic brilliance as CityDanse Academy proudly presents “Swan Lake, an Enchanted Moment.”
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CityDanse Academy presents ‘The Nutcracker’, the magical Christmas ballet tradition

At CityDanse Academy (CDA), they honor their rich artistic heritage as they continue to push the boundaries of dance. CityDanse Academy is composed of professional dancers representing the highest caliber of talent.
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Young ballerinas to represent the country in an international online competition

Two young ballerinas are representing the country in an online international competition this month. To tell us about it, we're now joined by Sophia Maria Lucito and Herbie Amber Bobier.
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