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CityDanse Academy

Voice Lessons

Ever felt your voice could use more power, control, or presence? Our tailored voice lessons are conducted in a supportive group setting, providing practical insights and effective vocal exercises to help you craft a voice that mirrors your authentic self. Our seasoned voice coaches offer specialized training for actors or professionals seeking to enhance their business communication, refine accents, or master voice-over skills.

Voice Training for Actors

Enhance your acting prowess through specialized Voice Training for Actors. Develop vocal versatility, projection, emotional range, and articulation to bring characters to life with authenticity and impact on stage and screen.

Voice Training for Business

Elevate your professional presence with Voice Training for Business. Learn effective communication techniques, pitch modulation, clear articulation, and persuasive speech to excel in meetings, presentations, and networking, giving you a competitive edge in the corporate world.

Voice-over Techniques
and Demo Reel

Master the art of voice-over with our Voice-over Techniques and Demo Reel course. Hone your narration skills, script interpretation, timing, and vocal delivery to create a compelling demo reel that showcases your talent and versatility for the world of voice acting and broadcasting.
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